Have you ever tried to touch the sky? Did you stretch your arms so high that even tippy-toed you thought you could touch a cloud? The sun can seem so close at times. The breeze can move you in such a way that the sky seems to lower itself to your height. Life experiences can make one feel this way.

You live through it, feel its air, and reach for its offerings. The stretch varies the same way the sky changes from sunrise to sunset. We are part of this life cycle. At times we go through an array of emotions, experiences (good and bad), pursue dreams and take chances each time. The sky and its elements doesn’t provide us a “how to” way of doing things, or tell us what to expect. It can only offer a prediction. That’s when rain occurs. From rain, to a storm or worse. We will never know what will happen tomorrow. All we can do is to reach as high as we can hoping to touch a cloud someday.

It’s like swinging on a swing, the higher you go the higher the reach. When going down, you realize you’re back to where you started. You keep swinging, because nature’s elements feel good and the possibilities feel even better. Life is all about reach, one can’t stop because the possibilities are endless.


People that Bring Joy to the World #1

“You’re going to meet one of these dream guys soon! I can sense it!”

This came from a friend of mine, who claimed to have a “newly recognized connection with reading the energy of the world.” A 7th sense, as some would say, because the 6th sense, as we all know, is to see dead people and that only belongs to Haley Joel Osment.

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This conversation came about after describing my dream guy. While others might describe a person with a variety of adjectives, “intelligent, rich, and charming” (because who is going to say their perfect man is unintelligent, in poverty, and alarming?), I used a man that already exists: Merton.

For those who don’t know, Merton was a viral celebrity about 2 years back on Youtube, doing improv by singing and playing piano on Chatroulette.

(Chatroulette – is an online chat website that pairs strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations.)

(Picture courtesy of All Things D)

Yes, Merton is the man with the fake black framed glasses and a drawstring hoodie that is cinched around the circumference of his face. Not much is known about him, as he is a very private person. Merton isn’t even his real name. So why do I like him and even go as far to use him as a way to “set the bar” for my dream guy?

  1. Because he makes me smile. And many other people smile too. As evident with this semi-Italian looking man: , no one wants to be with someone who can’t make him/her happy and smiling.
  2. Dedication. Every Wednesday, he puts on a show to his devoted fans for the past few years, and sings his heart out to the lucky person that can find a spot on his show through the power of webcams. He takes requests, and even if he doesn’t know it off the top of his head, he asks to hear a snippet of it, and busts it out on piano right after.
  3. Politeness. If he cannot perform, he communicates with his viewers the reason he cannot make it. He does not leave them waiting at the restaurant for an hour until they give up and leave.
  4. Friendly. He never dismisses a person in the first five seconds, even when it is as easy as pressing the ‘next’ button. It shows that he does not make quick judgments.
  5. Creativity. He’s musically talented, but also extremely creative.
  6. Private person. It’s like he works for the CIA in the Piano Improv Division. Also, in the world of social media, it’s refreshing to see someone who is willing to share their passion and love, but not making their life an open book.
  7. Mysterious factor. This ties in with #6. Having the mysterious vibe going on is always intriguing.
  8. I like green hoodies.

Okay, so maybe that last reason is not one everyone can relate to.

It is not so much that he is definitely “my dream guy,” (I would like to know the real name of the man of my dreams, and his hair color too) but more so that he is someone that creates and brings something positive into this world. There are so many negative things happening all the time, so why create more negativity to release into the world? It is truly inspiring to see someone do something they love and make people happy. It is something I strive to do daily, thinking of ways (big and small) to make someone laugh and smile. Merton, like so many other personalities that have an audience, performs and makes people laugh and smile. That is something we can all be envious of and admire.


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